[2019] How to Remove Forgotten Passcode of iPhone – 6/7/8/X and XS

Unlock Your Device Here

Use this tool ( ) to easily remove forgotten passcode iPhone/iPad/iPod.

How to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode – Even w/ BROKEN Buttons!!

iTunes Download link for PC – apple.com/itunes

In this video I’ll show you how to successfully remove a forgotten passcode of your iPhone. Doesn’t matter which model it is, this works with any and all iPhone models! If you’re having any kind of error messages with this process visit:
Also, you can always hit the comment session bellow, I try to reply all comments.
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42 thoughts to “[2019] How to Remove Forgotten Passcode of iPhone – 6/7/8/X and XS”

  1. I'm literally gonna cry- my Mac doesn't have the Apple ID I used in my phone I FORGOT the password of the Apple ID ( so I went to I forgot my Apple ID shit and they said to wait ) then my phone is disabled for an hour and it's not showing the iTunes logo, idk what To do I'm so lost 🙁 please help. I'm gonna post it where I think you will reply faster.

  2. I got a 2nd hand iPhone7+. It locked with old passcode. It shows the passcode entry screen. I tried the method mentioned directly and did not reset it successfully. Please advise.

  3. It all went well, but i guess this is not a true factory reset, as once the steps are all done…i pass the hello screen and language setup, and it says there is an activation lock, and the phone is linked to an apple id. So in the end, this does not unlock the phone.

  4. Big big thanks just got my iPhone 11 pro Max, I did a passcode and forgot what it was. But by following this steps I was able to restore my phone. Lol I feel like a big dumb-ass for forgetting it. But bi big thanks

  5. I can’t seem to figure out why my iTunes isn’t pulling up the “iPhone software update” does that mean what I’m doing isn’t working? Everything before that pops up it’s just not restoring the phone. Please help

  6. Hey! This would be awesome if it worked. I don't know if maybe because it's 2019, I used to be able to do it this way….now, not so much. Please help if you know why this wouldn't be working…. Thank you 😉

  7. It keeps saying error something about network but my internet is good my download times is the same as your it it because my phone is on data while I’m doing this ? Please help soon

  8. Wow thanks for god damn nothing and wasting my fucking time. Who has a god damn computer anymore? Stick to something you actually know how to fucking do ass hat!

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