How to Get Face ID on iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 iOS 12!

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How to get Face ID on iPhone 6, as iPhone 6 doesn’t support Face ID, so this video will show a jailbreak tweak, which enables Face ID on iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 7 and iphone 8! To get Face ID on iPhone 6, you need to jailbreak iPhone 6, then, watch this guide on how to get Face ID on iPhone 6!

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48 thoughts to “How to Get Face ID on iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 iOS 12!”

  1. I need help(again), but this does’nt do anything about his tweak, so i installed CleanHomeScreen then when my phone was done respring, I couldn’t open my phone and i have HomeGesture installed all the widgets where gone, i cant open my phone with my finger print, what do i do?😩😭 and then I restarted my phone and typed this, ive been looking how to delete CleanHomeScreen with rootless jb but i dont know how, can you please help me!!??

  2. This is highly insecure!! It’s not FaceID, this is simple image recognition. FaceID uses hardware technology that older iPhones, iPads or iPods don’t have. FaceID uses a dot projector to project a mesh of infrared dots onto your face. The sensor can then map the depth and 3D model of your face by detecting the infrared dots on your face. This is only possible on the X, XR, XS and 2018 iPad Pro. This guide is making iPhones insecure, as with this it uses the camera. As it’s not developed by Apple either, it won’t be secure and your phone will unlock to a picture of you, whereas the proper FaceID won’t work with a 2d picture as it needs the unique 3D contours of your face. All this does is use the face recognition system built into the Photos app. It’s shabby and works with any 2D image or photo where your eyes, mouth and nose are the same distance apart.

  3. When I press jailbreak on uncover it gives me a respring loop i installed tv os already but it doesn’t work even when I press reload system daemons. Can you help thanks.

  4. This sources has been reported by the community to be illegally redistributing copyrights, did you know that? I am aware of this kind problem. Do it with ur own risk pals!

  5. don't use hackyouriphone repo it causes me a bunch of problems when installing other tweaks. I've also heard that there are viruses on there, and if you need to get the tweak, just pay for it on the original repo.

  6. Hey Bro! I found a way to get the fluid widget without a jailbreak! It's really neat and I'll send the file !


    To open this widget, download "documents by readle" and extract the zip zfile. Go in the folder and find and open the file that says wallpaper. There is also a Config file! ( to change the way the widget looks)
    Make sure to click where the smoke is so the name and GUI goes away

    I did this by finding the widget in filza and moving it to documents app and I saw it worked fine! Then I tried it on my iPhone just so I knew this did not require a jailbreak!

    Don't delete the other files btw

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