iCloud Tool Remover ” iSwitchIMEI ” 2018

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Testing iSwitchIMEI to remove Apple iCloud lock on a iPhone 6. Needed another Apple IMEI number from a iPhone that isn’t being used no more to mask the 1 that is locked.

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  1. UPDATE I spoke to Raging Fox "guy who created the tool i used" all credits go to him. i was just a tester for his tool.
    He will NOT be releasing this tool in its current form. WHY NOT? he doesn't want people to make money off his tool " used by phone shops to make money off his work"
    It's NOT all bad news. He has been currently busy and still needs to do some tweeks to his tooled afew of the testers have reported issues. mainly with the camera Video mode not working. He has talked about releasing a web version that will be easy to use and wont cost anything or fill in any stupid forms. When this will be done he hasn't given a date. But he does state he hasn't done all this work for nothing to not publish it. Where he is doing this totally for credit not profit hats off to him. I have been given a beta tester for the last version but not personally tried it myself due to the iPhone 6 i unlocked for a friend worked fine as I'm aware. I will try to keep you updated on when and how this tool will be released.

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