iOS 13 Jailbreak SCAMS EXPOSED! How to SPOT FAKE iOS 13 Jailbreak How to

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iOS 13 Jailbreak, with a massive demand for the iOS 13 jailbreak and iOS 12.3.1 jailbreak, scams on how to jailbreak iOS 12.3 / iOS 12.4.1 / iOS 12.3.1 jailbreak how to, are all over youtube. Although you want to learn how to jailbreak iOS 13 or jailbreakthere are so many fake iOS 13 jailbreak tutorials, and even fake iOS 13 jailbreak tutorials, so knowing fake iOS 13 jailbreak videos from legit tutorials is essential! This video will cover all the techniques fake jailbreak youtubers use, to fake an iOS 13 jailbreak, how you can spot these iOS 13 jailbreak & scams, how they work, and how to find legit iOS 13 jailbreak channels:

Video Time Stamps:
How to spot a fake tutorial video:
How to spot a fake Jailbreak tutorial channel:
How to know when an iOS 12.2/12.1.4 jailbreak will be released/trusted jailbreak youtubers:

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FCE 365:
DJ Feel Official:
All I Talk Is Tech:
Brandon Butch:
Oh yeah, also my channel )

There are probably a lot more legit Jailbreak YouTubers, but here are the main ones! Please don’t fall for iOS 12.2 jailbreak scams: you’re making these guys a living ☹️
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50 thoughts to “iOS 13 Jailbreak SCAMS EXPOSED! How to SPOT FAKE iOS 13 Jailbreak How to”

  1. Also can anyone here give me an ACTUAL video of how to jailbreak ios 12.3.1 without a pc? Me searching it up is impossible with those fake vids everywhere.
    EDIT: 12.4 not 12.3.1 since i just updated my iPhone

  2. I know it’s crazy. How I spot it is because the video acts so happy and helpful that it’s annoying

    Edit: Change that it’s retarded and acts like exactly as a scam

  3. I haven’t been in the jailbreak scene since I had my iPhone 3G I’m trying to get my phone jailbroken once again and I did the common thing and look up on YouTube and fell for this I figured it was fake but I figured I’d try it out since I don’t know how jailbreak happens now but I had my suspicions but thank you for clearing up

  4. Another way to just detect these scams is to just understand jailbreaking and knowing what it is. Then that’s when common sense comes into play.

  5. Yeah i saw a bunch of these and he has these accounts commenting it works but all the channels look the same 0 subs no vids sometime same profile picture

    Just wait people
    Like youtubers that are well known

  6. One thing I've noticed, is some channels have comments that are exactly the same and those people commenting are commenting on other "jailbreak" videos saying the same thing, again… Like the comments are hacked or bought.

  7. Another type of scam – Profile Scams. You go to a website claiming to jailbreak your device but it actually installs a profile onto the device with a “Cydia” name. After a trying to use the “Cydia” it will say you have to pay for “Cydia Membership” to use tweaks.

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