Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 2.0 with Pwnage Tool

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In this video, I demonstrate how to utilize the PwnageTool (2.0.1) to jailbreak and unlock an iPhone with 2.0 software. I’m not using an iPhone 3G, but an old model which uses EDGE only. Remember the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking. Jailbreaking an iPhone will allow custom software (outside of the App Store) to run while unlocking an iPhone allows one to use the iPhone on a different carrier such as T-Mobile. The Pwnage tool gives you an easy to use interface to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone. It provides giant buttons that are easy to read and follow. Note, you should have already downloaded the latest Apple firmware as well as the latest BootLoader files. The tool will prompt you to download them if you haven’t already. I also demonstrate “advanced mode” which gives you options to customize the firmware even further. You can tell it to activate the iPhone or not, disable the partition wipe, customize the root partition size, (pre)install custom packages, customize boot logos, or whether to preload Bootneuter for unlocking. After customization, you click the giant “Build” button which builds a custom firmware with all the customizations defined. You then have to restore this custom firmware to your iPhone through iTunes. This invovles putting the iPhone in DFU mode. The tool does a decent job of guiding through the process of holding the right buttons at the right time. Once this is done, the hard part is over! Just wait until the phone boots, runs the appropriate programs, and you’ll have a jailbroken, unlocked iPhone! Enjoy!

28 thoughts to “Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 2.0 with Pwnage Tool”

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  2. hey i was wondering if you can help. my iphone froze on itunes so i restored it.
    i want to unlock it using jailbreak but it is still frozen on itunes so i cant get into phone. (locked on emergency use only) i have no original sim what do i do? if i try and restore it is comes up with insert sim?

  3. the apple logo is disapear for about 2 sec and then it shows up again and it keeps doing the same thing,is this correct ?please i need help,how long that apple logo is gonna keep doing the same thing ?

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  5. I can't load any firmware updates. Pwnage doesn't find any on my computer, I went to expert mode so I downloaded every single firmware pwnage was looking for… none of them works. "wrong bundle" msg. does anyone know why, or how can I make it work???


  6. have a question dont know if you can answer. my iphone is just frozen at startup with the pineapple and i have tried plugging it into my computer and held power and home and cant get anything to work. do you know anything on how to get it back to normal?

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