Official iOS 7 iCloud Bypass Tool (iPhone 4,4S,5,5C,5S,iPad,iPod)

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This is the official GadgetWide iCloud bypass exploit tool for all iOS devices running any version of iOS 7+. This is the one you have all been waiting for, it provides a guaranteed successful bypass on all devices. This works on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad (All Models), iPods. This is the first solution of its kind to learn more about this tool and to download it now visit

16 thoughts to “Official iOS 7 iCloud Bypass Tool (iPhone 4,4S,5,5C,5S,iPad,iPod)”

  1. hi there… i have been looking ur video n is using urs app. i have one problem in this app do we need to pay any amount to over come id n password problem as shown in the video

  2. Hi I have tried your latest my iPhone bypass as I bought a phone and it was still locked and I cant get any response rom the guy I bought it off!…. when I open the Win SCP.exe folder it asks me for proxy addi etc… it doesn't go to download as it does in the tutorial video on your site!, what am I doing wrong?

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