Photoshop CC 2019 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]

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49 thoughts to “Photoshop CC 2019 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]”

  1. YAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Great video , just a beginner & I'm not the most savvy on the pc YET either… gonna try the undo tool to see if that will work for what I need. i need to undo the erase feature. im exhausted so ill do it later… thank you soooo much

  2. Dear concern, i appreciating you tutorial. You explain very easily. But recently i have falled in a problem. I have lost my windows and now i can not download the photoshop cc 2019 free version with crack file. If you can share it with me the cc 2019 link or tell me way ! i will share my email to sent. Please response asap.

  3. Ok i do not get that home screen for some reason but i bought it of adobe. I also do not have the new document layout like you have. Im highly confused. Is it possible you, or anyone else, help me with this problem?

  4. Question; when I paste my photo into a new document, as seen in this video at 5:54, my photo is zoomed in, so I guess my measurements aren't correct, where can I view the measurements of my photo?

  5. Thanks for this tutorial. I am a beginner at photoshop and it would be really helpful if you can give me the link to the photo you use for this video? As i want to try also editing the photo you use for better understanding on my own 😀

  6. I am thinking of going from PS 7 (yes I still use this) to the latest vers. The extremely low RAM allowances of PS 7 is driving me crazy especially working on large formats. I am sick of the speed. I have plenty of RAM and CPU. So my question is, what is the learning curve that will be presented from the massive age gap between the 2?

  7. Hi. Im a beginner at using this program and was wondering if you had a tutorial video for the 'Art and Illustrations' template? If not I would love to have one on this. Thanks for taking the time to make these. They're super helpful for those trying to learn the program for the first time.

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